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The Samsung A52s is the latest mid-budget Android smartphone launched by Samsung. It is a powerful combination of smart features such as an impressive camera experience, excellent text and multimedia support, a unique user interface and a host of high-end features. The phone has a dual-core 1.4GHz processor that is not seen in any other smartphone in the market. It runs on the open source Android software platform and is supported by Samsung’s brand of devices – the Galaxy S and the Note series.

The Samsung A52s has a compact body that houses a 5.1-inch QWERTY screen and an attractive design. It comes with a stylish metal design that complements its looks. The back of the phone has an attractive mechanism that lets the user take different photo shots and display them in the E-mail. There is also a USB port that comes with the Samsung A52s. The internal memory of this smartphone is 4GB and it can work perfectly for a large number of tasks. There is a twenty-four mega-pixels camera with a dual LED flash and a sixteen mega pixel image sensor. samsung a52 5g

Samsung has made it possible to bring out a high-performance smartphone at a price that everyone can afford. The company had priced its high-end device at forty dollars, which is just right. This cheap variant comes with a two-megapixel camera, a four-megapixel video recorder and a sixteen mega pixel image sensor. The battery life of this smartphone is yet to be tested but according to the reviews the battery lives for more than ten hours. The Samsung A52s price tag does not go down because it comes with a good design, plenty of features and an advanced operating system.

With a Samsung A52s, you can shoot high definition images with a powerful individual lens that offers optical zoom and a seven megapixel primary rear camera. This makes it perfect for taking great pictures with a digital camera. This smartphone has a complete home button and has a touch-sensitive feature on the screen. The touch sensitive feature allows the user to enter numbers and search for commands on the home button.

In the market, Samsung has launched the Samsung A52s which comes with a 1,986 mpg, quad-core processor, 1 GB RAM, dual-core Adreno processor, and Android OS 4.2 Jelly Bean. The high definition camera of this smartphone has an automatic focus as well as a Selfie mode that allow the user to take a photo of themselves. The battery of this device lasts for almost seven hours, which is quite long and also offers users enough time to do work or watch movies.

Samsung A52s has been one of the top selling handsets in the country. The prices of this smartphone are affordable and do not cause any trouble when it comes to purchasing them. It is easy to find Samsung A52s price in various online stores that sell mobile phones at competitive rates. Buy Samsung A52s and save money with Samsung Pay.

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